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Clearly structured and carefully selected dictionary entries together with clear context notes specifying the equivalents of each meaning make work with the dictionary much easier and faster. It will help you choose the correct translation for a given context and avoid embarrassing vocabulary mistakes or lengthy verifications of the equivalents. When looking at minutely structured entries you will immediately notice that this dictionary is of much higher quality than the „common” database-type dictionaries, which often leave you puzzled as to which equivalent to choose for a given context.

The entries also contain phonetic transcriptions of pronunciation in IPA alphabet. In addition, larger dictionaries (Large or Plus), feature audio pronunciation by native speakers so you can not only see but also hear the correct pronunciation of a given headword.

Our dictionaries are ideal for everyday use be it at school when studying a language, at work, at home or on vacation.

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Number of entries 8 000 35 000 100 000
Number of meanings 14 000 42 000 160 000
Number of translations 22 000 65 000 270 000