Technical support

Application not licensed. Unable to validate license...

This is a Google Play message. Restart your Internet connection, restart your phone, uninstall the dictionary and reinstall it from Google Play.

Android applications are not time-limited in any way. Licensing is ensured directly by Google Play. This message usually shows in cases where the application was not purchased on a particular telephone which means that it cannot be verified from the user's Google Play account, that the application was really purchased by the user. If the problem persists it has to be referred to Google Play.

HandyLex crashes after updating

Uninstall the application on your device and reinstall in. Repeated download of the application once paid for is free of charge. If reinstalling does not help, please turn to our technical support.

My HandyLex won't run after the 6/2012 update

You probably have an older operating system. For HandyLex, ver. 1.4 you need to install the latest version of iOS 5.

Changing font size in HandyLex, version 1.4

Font size can be increased by a simple two-finger spread.

How to type in Cyrillic on my iPhone?

First you have to activate the Russian keyboard. To do that, go to:
Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Russian.
Launch HandyLex. When entering words, a Globe icon will be displayed next to the space bar. Use this icon to switch between keyboards.

If you need to contact technical support, please call (on working days from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) +420 541 233 160 or write at any time to